Conspiracy Theories: Is an Unborn Child a Threat to Scottish Independence?

When Prince William, Duke of Cambridge announced his engagement to Catherine Middleton in 2010, the world economy was in turmoil.

Over coffee at the nearby Second Cup, my dear friend Diana speculated on the why-now reasons for the engagement. Catherine Middleton’s nickname of Waity Katie was a nod to her long relationship with Prince William, a relationship some doubted would ever culminate in a marriage to the elusive prince.

Scottish by birth, Diana has always had a fascination with the Royals. The engagement, she reasoned, would re-direct the public focus from the state of the economy to the joyful wedding planning.

And now, with the results of the vote for Scottish independence hours away, others are speculating on the announcement of a new royal baby just days before the vote. Think that’s absurd? Many don’t.

Olivia Goldhill, feature writer for The Telegraph, says, “Forget tea time, beefeaters or those derelict red phone boxes – nothing makes you feel more proud to be British than the world’s most photogenic royal couple announcing that they’re expecting a second child.”

It makes you wonder ….

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Conspiracy Theories: Malaysian Flight MH17

In the week following the crash of Malaysian Flight MH17 over  the Eastern Ukraine, conspiracy theorists have lost no time in speculating about the possibilities. The Washington Posts lists several such conspiracy theories surrounding the crash:

  1. The crash was part of an HIV/AIDS cover up – the idea being that the plane carried prominent HIV/AIDS researchers. Was the plane targetted by a force wanting to silence the researchers, or to prevent a cure for AIDS?
  2. The plane was bombed in an attempt to initiate WWIII.
  3. It was an attempt of Vladmir Putin’s life. Theorists say that Putin was aboard his private jet on the same general trajectory, at approximately the same time.
  4. The jet was diverted into the crash zone and onboard explosives detonated to provide a reason for an invasion.
  5. The MH17 is actually MH370, which disappeared months ago.
  6. Passenger were dead before the flight departed. Pro-Russian rebel commander Igor Girkin was quoted as saying that “a significant number of the bodies (at the crash site) weren’t fresh”.
  7. My personal favorite: The Illuminati are behind the crash.  You can find Illuminati math here at the Conspiracy Zone.