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Sin Eater

Seventeen year old Sara Shaughnessy has spent most of her life on the fringes of society, the sister of a convicted serial killer. Bullied or ignored, at least her life has an element of predictability to it.

But when her father’s death thrusts her into the care of her strange Irish grandmother, the danger to Sara is no longer child’s play.

Van Dyk’s Young Adult Horror takes us out of this dimension and into a dark netherworld where supernatural forces struggle to determine the fate of humanity.


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Conspiracy Theories


Who killed JFK? Was it the CIA, FBI, the Mafia, or lone assassin Lee Harvey Oswald? Was the tragic death of Princess Diana an accident or a failed assassination attempt on her boyfriend and millionaire, Dodi Al Fayed? Was Jack the Ripper a member of the Freemasons? Is Skull and Bones a secret society placed to form a sinister shadow government, or is it a gathering of wealthy kids performing bizarre and adolescent rituals? Are we alone in the universe, or are crop circles evidence of alien life? Van Dyk’s Conspiracy Theories takes a look at some of the most provocative stories of our time, and the conspiracies that shroud them.



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Courage in a time of tragedy and confusion.

Courage in a time of tragedy and confusion.


Did you know that billions of gallons of water flooded 80 percent of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit and that more than 90,000 square miles from Louisiana to Florida were declared a federal disaster area? Read about some of the incredible survival stories from one of the U.S.’s deadliest natural disasters on record.






Hurricane Hell

Do you know what Dennis, Katrina, Ophelia, and Wilma have in common? Do you know what tops the list of food items bought immediately before a hurricane? These questions and many more are answered in the inspiring personal stories from record-breaking hurricane seasons of the past.