Another year, still no baby.

I love this daughter and her husband. So much wisdom, acquired through so much grief.

Life Less Fiction

Christmas is a tough time for anyone suffering from infertility.  There’s no sugar-coating it; it gets easier, but never easy.  After 5 Christmases, my husband and I have travelled down this road many times.

This year, there is a new baby in the family.  Her name is Alice, or as I like to call her Baby Squishy.  She’s adorable and tiny and precious.  This is my second niece, and this time around I handled it much better.  I’m sure everyone will agree, but I won’t ask them, because they would probably remind me how awful I was last time around.  When my niece Evelyn was born, we had just found out it would be near impossible for us to conceive on our own.  In her first year, we suffered many heartbreaks on our way to parenthood.  And we’re still on that road.  I’ve realized for a while now that I…

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