Family always comes first, unless we never have a family

My son and daughter-in-law struggle with infertility. Over the years, I’ve said every wrong thing that can be said; done every stupid thing that can be done in my reaction to their struggle.

I’ve had a small, bitter taste of their unhappiness when Tiana initially won the infertility lottery and became pregnant, only to miscarry a short time later. It remains one of the most despairing moments of *my* life; I can’t possibly imagine how horrific the rollercoaster of hope and dashed-hope is for an infertile couple.

I too, am worried about a house-full of my children, while they wait for their new homes to be ready. Whether it’s a couple of weeks or a couple of months that we’re all penned up together, there can’t help but be awkward and painful moments. And I don’t want those unfortunate moments to define our relationships going forward.

And I’m so thankful to Tiana for expressing herself so openly in the blogpost below. Tiana, you have a pass to skip family meals whenever things get overwhelming.

Life Less Fiction

We’ve started packing up for our big move at the end of the month.  But going through some of my stuff has turned me into a sobbing baby.  There are a lot of memories in there.

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