Dinner and a Good Book: Devin’s Second Chance by Lorraine Paton

Every week I post a reading recommendation for the weekend. This weekend curl up with Lorraine Paton’s Devin’s Second Chance. Everyone deserves a second chance. Does Devin? His mom thinks so, but does Claire?

What would be a good food and beverage pairing for this book? This blog post is going live during the peak of grilling season. We grilled steaks last night and had a couple leftover that will work just perfectly in this Steak Tortilla recipe.  And the leftover mangos we had for dessert would re-purpose well in a Mango Smoothie.   Sometimes the second time around is even better. 😉

And now, on to the delicious details of this weekend’s reading offering …


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DevinsSecondChance_LorrainePaton_KindleCowboy Devin Trent can’t believe his matchmaking mom is trying to set him up with Claire Best, the photographer at the local art gallery.  She should know better than anyone why he doesn’t deserve a second chance at love. What surprises him even more is that he is drawn to Claire and she seems interested in him, too. Their mutual attraction grows every time they see one another, but when he suspects Claire is keeping a secret he becomes wary. After all, his first marriage was ruined by secrets and lies. Can Devin earn Claire’s trust? Or, will Claire’s secret end their relationship before it begins?


Devin stared at Claire and cursed. Why the hell was she here? No, he could figure that out well enough. His mother and her schemes were going to kill him. Tonight, the minute he got home, he’d be sitting down with his darling meddling mother and they’d have a long chat about how she was going to quit interfering.

Claire had cringed when she saw him, then she glanced away. Her reaction was exactly what he would have expected. She’d told him clearly enough he was an ass the last time they’d been together. He’d had his hand in her pants, and she’d told him to get lost. That was pretty damn clear.

When she looked at him a second time, he motioned for her to come down. He probably should go up there and explain things, but she was sitting in front of Hanna May, the busiest busybody on the circuit. That woman didn’t miss many rodeos and she certainly never missed any gossip. His mother had probably planned that, too.

Claire took a deep breath, then nodded. When she stood, Devin had to drag his gaze away. She was wearing a snug T-shirt and jeans, displaying her tight little body. Making him think about things he really shouldn’t…couldn’t. He was not going to gawk at her breasts pressing against the thin material.

He wasn’t.


LorrainePatonI’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of wonderful things in my life… and plan to do a lot more!

During my adventures, I’ve learned about:

  • patience when searching for Nessie from Urquhart Castle,
  • exhilaration when landing a Cessna during my one flying lesson,
  • curiosity of the exotic while wilting on a trip down the Belize River,
  • discovery during an archaeological dig in Italy,
  • stage fright while being interviewed for an article on writing romance,
  • nature while sailing in the Gulf Islands with marine biologists,
  • leisure when soaking in the hot springs in Banff National Park,
  • team work as President of the Alberta Romance Writers’ Association,
  • seizing the opportunity when climbing to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa,
  • opulence when celebrating New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas,
  • history when going on a ghost tour in Edinburgh, and
  • sex when visiting the brothel paintings that were preserved in Pompeii. 😉


I’ve loved writing since I was a little girl, and, over the last decade or so, I’ve been making writing a priority in my life.

So I figured that if I could let go of an airplane wing with only a parachute on my back and a one-way radio strapped to my front, I should be able to let go of my stories and send them out into the world.


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