Dinner & a Good Book: Katya Binks Came Home From Away by Mahrie Reid

Every week I post a reading recommendation for the weekend. This weekend curl up with Mahrie G. Reid’s Katya Binks Came Home From Away. It’s set in the fictional Nova Scotia community of Caleb Cove and, as such, is part of the Caleb Cove series Mahrie writes.

What would be a good food and beverage pairing for this book? This Lobster Chowder from Nova Scotia Tourism is fabulously simple. Ditto for this Lunenburg Lemonade from Taste of Nova Scotia.

And now, on to the delicious details of this weekend’s reading offering …

Katya Binks Came Home From AwayLINKS
Amazon.com: Katya Binks Came Home From Away
Mahrie G Reid’s  Website:   www.mahriegreid.com

Kelsey Maxwell searches for her birth father and walks into an investigation with dead bodies and a knife wielding maniac. Not what she had in mind when she started her quest. She teams up with ex-cop Sam Logan to evade a kidnap attempt, the killer and, in the end, the police. As the stakes rise, she may have to shoot to kill in order to save her birth father. Will she get a chance to know him? And what about the sexy Sam Logan? No matter what happens, her life is changed forever.



Kelsey added a frown to the finger wag. “Whatever you heard, if Dad wanted you to know, he’d have invited you to the meeting. To talk about it is gossiping.”

“Andy asked Dad, and I quote, for your hand in marriage.”

Kelsey spit coffee. “What.” Forget the no-gossip rule. This involved her. She grabbed a napkin and wiped up the coffee spatter.

“Figured you might feel like that.” Brock grinned. “I know how it is with Becky and me,” he said and blushed. “and I never got the idea you and Andy were like that.”

“No bloody way,” Kelsey said. “We work together. We’ve gone to company parties and movies. But that’s it.” She sliced a hand through the air. “Period. End of sentence. End of story.” What possessed Andy to think she’d marry him?

Brock snorted. “Well, Andy never did mention love and Dad never asked. They talked about you becoming a partner at the firm and about Andy and you helping run the ranch. The benefits of you two getting married. That type of thing. The conversation held all the charm of selling a prized heifer.”


2 thoughts on “Dinner & a Good Book: Katya Binks Came Home From Away by Mahrie Reid

  1. Great excerpt Mahrie, and I love the blurb 😉

  2. I love Brock. He has a real way with words. 😉

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