Playlist for a Dental Appointment

I just scheduled my annual cleaning of the ivories and I thought I’d put together a playlist for the event. Because, you know, avoiding actual work.

Chomper and the Bicuspids give a foot-stomping rendition of the reasons to brush daily here.

AJ Jenkins provides a catchy, cheerful tune here.

But you probably aren’t seven, right?

Good news. Your dental playlist doesn’t need to be a syrupy sweet concoction of light, childish tunes. Go blues-y with Lonnie Johnson’s 1928 recording of The Toothache Blues.

A little darker and probably more in keeping with many of our dental fears and experiences: the Dentist Song by Galahad

The Root of All Evil by Psychostick

and Cranium’s Dentist of Death

No playlist would be complete without Steve Martin’s the Dentist! song from Little Shop of Horrors.

Here’s a bit of interesting trivia. Martin went on to play wealthy dentist Dr. Frank Sangster (in Novocaine), seduced from the loving arms of his fiancé by a patient coming to him for a root canal.

Need a laugh to get you through your appointment? I recommend Cavity Search by Weird Al Yankovic. Although there’s a painful touch of truth to his humor.


And in writing related news, here’s a blog link to the history of toothpaste by romance writer Mary Forbes.


2 thoughts on “Playlist for a Dental Appointment

  1. A very good article. Thanks Dee. It’s hard to imagine that dental hygiene might not be common in the old days. When writing a historical I might have trouble having them kiss if that’s in my mind.

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