The Day After (Or, Daylight Saving Time? WTF?)

It’s the Monday following the Spring Ahead part of Daylight Saving Time.  Every year at this time, as my own circadian clock slowly adjusts to this theft of an hour, I wonder why. Wasn’t it for the farmers? Can’t they get up whenever they want?

So this year, instead of tossing restlessly in bed AN HOUR EARLIER THAN LAST NIGHT, I took a look at the why of Daylight Saving Time. Apparently Benjamin Franklin is the culprit, having suggested its implementation several times in the 1770s whilst serving as an emissary to France. The reason? Energy conservation.

Although suggested by Franklin in the mid-eighteenth century, daylight time wasn’t implemented until 1915 in Germany. Other countries quickly followed suit. Swedish researchers, studying 20 years of data, discovered an uptick in heart attacks on the Monday after clocks were turned ahead. I can anecdotally support this; I nearly had a heart attack when the alarm went off this morning.

Also, did you think it was Daylight SavingTime, not Daylight Saving Time? Yeah, me too.

Short post today. I’m toodling off to take a nap. ZZzzzzzzzz


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